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How to Maintain Your Mink Lashes

Back with another important and asked about Topic! How to Keep those lashes in Top Notch Shape. If You're like me, I love wearing mink lash stripes. I haven't crossed over to the individuals yet, so I enjoy keeping me a good pair of stripes on hand for any occasion. 

Once upon a time, when I was buying hair store lashes, I would pay $1-$5 for a single pair of stripe lashes and wear them ONCE! If you know, that price begins to add up pretty quickly. I use to try to make them stretch longer by rewearing them and it just wasn't giving...Baddie lol

So fast forward, 2019, I began my search for vendors with quality lashes. Lashes that are durable, lightweight, and reusable. Behold after months of searching, I had found my Vendor. I chose all the styles that met my needs and my customer needs. Fast forward to now, 2023, my lashes are still known for their longevity, quality, and style. For the price of 1 set, lasted longer than 4-5 different sets and even longer than that. 

So back to the main topic at hand, How Do You Maintain these Mink Lashes? 

1. Glue -This is the MOST important issue when it comes to Mink Lashes. The Glue is what holds the lashes to your lash line. Using the right glue plays a major key in application and how long your lashes last. I always recommend using only LASH GLUE for applications. I have many clients that love using hair glue but hair glue is not the best choice simply because use is only for hair and not on your lash line. The hold that hair glue has is very strong and has more chemicals in it that can affect your eyes and skin and will indeed tear your lash stripes up. Now everyone will use what works best for them so I recommend researching what Lash Glue works best for YOU. Once you find the right lash glue, the next steps are easy to maintain.

2. When applying lashes make sure they fit your eyes, sometimes cutting a small corner of your lashes can make a big difference in how they sit on your lash line. Once you know how to fit around the eyes, use your glue to secure them. Use a small amount of glue across the lashes and allow them to sit for 30 seconds or follow the instructions on your glue, then apply to the lash line. Make sure to get as close to the lash line as possible for that flawless look. Boom, now you have applied your lashes for the day.

3. Once it is time to Remove your lashes, remove the strips slowly from your lash line. If Glue has mixed in with your actual eyelashes, softly massage the glue off and gently remove the lash strip. Follow up by Washing your face, and remove any excess glue from lid and lash line. If there is any stubborn glue left, use a little coconut or olive oil on the lash line (Be careful not to get it in the eyes) and massage It in until all the glue residue has been removed.

4. On the stripes, use tweezers or your hand, and gently remove any excess glue from the lash stripes. Do Not pull or tug too hard, otherwise you could potentially tear the lashes. Take your time removing the glue. In most cases, it's fairly easy to pull off. 

5. If makeup is on the lashes or you just want to freshen them up, you a clean mascara brush with a little soap and water to wipe clean the lashes. Gently brush the lashes outward (from stripe line to the end of the lash hairs) removing any makeup from the lashes. Do not soak lashes in water or over wet them. A nice damp brushing will do. Once you're finished brushing, place the lashes somewhere to the side on a napkin or small towel and allow them to air dryer. 

Once they're dry, they are ready to be reused again. Repeat these steps to ensure that your lashes last a few wears. Thank you for taking time to learn how to maintain your mink lashes. 

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