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How to Maintain your Hair Extensions

One of the best feelings when it comes to buying hair extensions is the first install. You've been anticipating the day you get to slay your new look since you recently thought of a new style or maybe seen the latest trendy updo that you peaked your attention. You made your purchase, you've scheduled your hair install appointment (prepping to do it yourself) and now your hair is on its way. With all this excitement of the new install and style, you've managed to forget about maintaining those bundles (Wig Unit) that you've just purchase. Well no look no further, We are here to help you keep your investment in top shape.

Lets first talk about What is Hair Extensions Maintenance?

Hair Maintenance is HOW you take care of the hair. Whether it's Virgin Bundles and a Closure (Frontal) or a ready to wear Wig Unit, Proper Care is important for the longevity and quality control of the hair. Learn how soon to wash, moisturize, and reinstall your investment is crucial to saving you from a waste of money later.

Often times, I see Customers buy hair and say "Well it wasn't that good of hair" or "I don't keep hair long cause I don't know what to do with it after the first install." 

Many don't even know how to maintenance their bundles or Units and tend to question whether buy extensions is even worth it. Im here to tell that it is, but it requires some patience and effort on your end. Lets get into it

Prepping for that first Install

I know you're ready for that install but FIRST let's prep your hair extensions! 

1. When you first receive your package in hand, go ahead and open it to make sure everything you order is there and there is no issues with it. The worse thing to happen when you're getting ready for an install is missing pieces or a defective product. Make sure to check for damages. 

2. Find you a good Shampoo and Conditioner, cause it's about to go down! YES, you are about to wash those bundles and Closure (frontal). Ready to Wear Wigs from 717 Collections have already been pre washed and styled to save you the trouble of doing so yourself, but all of our bundles, Closures, and Frontals come as is, in original conditions with no alternations from us. It's best to always wash your extensions to remove any packaging odors and to overall just to have that freshness when its time to install and style. 

3. Once your hair bundles have been washed, you can either blow dry or air dry them. If you have time, I recommend Air Drying your bundles. It will save the cuticles from heat damage and gives the hair body once it is fully dry. If you plan to blow dry, the less heat, the better. I recommend using a heat protectant and starting on Lower heat settings and adjusting the heat as you go. The goal is have dry hair without overheating the cuticles. Heat Protectant helps protect against heat damage and will go a long way in preserving your investment.

4. Find a Great Oil, Serum, and/or Spray. When it comes to a flawless install, its all about the products you use to help treat the hair. Oils and Serums help moisturize and provide shine, protection, and softness to the hair. You have fly away hairs? Oil and Serums is your best friend. Make sure to use a generous amount but to not over do it. Too much oil and serum can have an adverse effect on the hair leaving it stiff and hard to manage, a little goes a long way in this section. Part the hair into sections and give a little TLC. For a style to hold, I recommend a Hair Spray with a medium hold, nothing too heavy to harden the hair and nothing to light that doesn't hold the hair at all. 

Now that we have talked about Prepping the hair before the install, let's talk about AFTER the install.

Maintaining Hair AFTER Install.

Once your hair bundles has been successfully installed, its time to enjoy the new look. These simple tricks will provide longevity to your install. 

1. Make sure to wrap your hair at night. I know we tend to forget or even neglect wrapping our hair at night, but this will help to keep the hair ie your Closure/Frontal from shifting and help to keep the style in tack as well as keep away the frizz that is caused by our pillows. A hair wrap, bonnet, scarf, or band is essential to maintaining that new style.

2. Every couple of days, a little lightweight serum is helpful to keep the hair from drying out. Dab just a little into your hands and smooth it over your hair preferably after taking down your head wrap from overnight. This way the serum doesn't sit on the hair and its gives you a chance to freshen up your style. With Deep Wave or Curly hair textures a leave-in Conditioner is just as good.

3. A good wash once a week is essential to keeping the hair fresh, clean, and moisturized. If you're prone to breakouts and acne, this is crucial to help prevent any bacteria build up on the hair that could transfer over to your face/skin. Repeat the before install maintenance steps.

4. When you're ready to restyle or touch up a style with heat, USE HEAT PROTECTANT. This will help minimize heat damage. Spray or rub it onto the hair, let it sit for a 1-2 minutes before proceeding to style with heat ie Curlers or flat irons.

Now that we have covered the basics, you're ready to maintain your Hair Extensions! Repeat these steps as often as you prefer and watch how long the hair last. Anything thats worth having is worth taking care of. Once it's time to uninstall your hair extensions, wash them, and place them somewhere they can sit or hang out of the way. If you keep your original tie bag from 717 Collections, it is a great way to hang up your hair in a closet or on a hook. 

Thank you for taking time to learn How to main your Hair Extensions





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